Menands NY Speeding Ticket Lawyer

As a Suburban Urban Village, Menands is the "best of both worlds" - at least according to the official virtual town hall website maintained by Menands. For information on the Village Court (the court that is likely handling your traffic ticket if you were pulled over in Menands), here's a link to their web page. For more information on hiring an attorney to represent you in Menands, please call our office or complete the form provided to the right and we will contact you for a free consultation of your case. Whether you received a New York speeding ticket or some other traffic citation, like A.U.O. 3rd (Aggravated Unlicensed Operator), attorney Randall Kehoe can employ his years of experience as a laywer to find the best way to deal with your case. Whether it's a personal appearance or a plea to a lesser charge, Mr. Kehoe also offers some of the most affordable legal fees available. In fact, he charges a flat $195 for most traffic tickets. If you are worried about heavy court fines, license points, or hgher insurance prices, relax and let us help.

DWI Defense

We also defend clients charged with DWI in Menands. Albany County's strict stance on DWI - alcohol or other drugs - makes handing these cases with care and expertise necessary. Leandra's laws have increased the penalties for those convicted of DWI including the installation of an alcohol-sensing device in offender's personal automobiles. Attorney Randall Kehoe has an expert knowledge of state DWI laws and an intimate familiarity with local policy. He has handled cases in courts all over Albany County and throughout the Greater Capital Area. To discuss the details of your DWI case with an attorney, call or email our office at your convenience.

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